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I am now on my third attempt to have the gas turned on at my house. There has been a complete lack of communication from their service representatives concerning this job.

I first scheduled service for 1/11/2011. The technician did not turn on the gas because no one was home. I was never told that someone had to be home for the gas to be turned on. Why don't they inform the customer about this when the appointment is made? If they had, someone would have been there.

A second appointment was made for the next day. My wife took half a day off from work and sat in a cold, empty house for 5 hours waiting for the technician. When he arrived, he apparently failed to knock on the door hard enough for my wife to hear him, so he simply left, even though there was a car parked in the driveway, so someone was obviously home. They have our phone number"”couldn't the technician have called before he left the property? Or called ahead of time to verify that someone was home? Why do they take your phone number if they are not going to use it?

Now I have scheduled a third appointment. I will now have to take another half-day off from work myself to wait for their technician. It is the middle of winter and this house has no heat. Why can't this company communicate with a customer better than this?

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Washington Gas customer service must read scripts when dealing with customers. They dont listen at all, oh by they way did you know the customer service department is also their complaint department as well.

This is exactly why no company should be a monopoloy. Captialism at its finest, meaning no real support or concern for the consumers. Dont they realize without customers they wont have a job. I am currently researching a few green alternatives.

I feel like a slave on a plantation. Please excuse me but dont excuse the lack real customer service from Washington Gas

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