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I just received a bill for about $744 for the previous month of service, to my surprise, as my bill is usually around $70 or so since I move into this new resent mid last year. I later found out after, speaking with the customer service, this is because for the past 5 month, they have been using an "estimation" of the gas usage. As it turns out, I actually used a lot more then they billed me each month, for the past 5 month. I think part of the reason may be I just move into this new home last year, and maybe previous owner did not use as much gas.

Anyway, it is not that I do not want to pay my bill; I just want to caution other customers with regard to this practice by Washington Gas. If the upper left corner of your bill state “ESTMATED” then the reading of your gas meter is just an estimation, and your actual usage may be more/less then your are currently being charged (in my case is MUCH less), and if it states “READ BY CO.” then the reading would be your actual usage of gas.

I wonder if such practice is legal?

Only if I knew the actual cost a few months ago, I would have at least had the opportunity to try and reduce gas usage.

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I called on November 16th regarding a payment that posted on my account.

i let the representative know that i need to make another payment because the one that was sent on November 10th 2009 will not be successful.the rep told me that the best way to handle it is to wait until friday the 20th 2009 because washington gas does not resubmit payments a second time and that if i make a payment again it will be posted twice so to just wait til the 20th and make the payment.

i just looked at my account today and realize that washington gas tried a second time and that made my account overdrawn.I called my bank to check and my bank told me that washington gas tried twice and whoever i talked to on the 16th gave me false information and I needed to talk to a supervisor.

i called and spoke to a supervisor who did not want to help me and clearly said that it was my business and that i she has nothing to do with it she first said that there were no notes then confirmed that the note written on the account says that the rep just said that she asked me to wait til friday to make the payment.

she refused to go further,to give me her name or to admit that the rep did give me false information and that's why my bank charged me the overdraft fees.

then she hung up on me.

i called and spoke to jason who refused to give me his supervisor name because she hung up on me.

i always get the worst customer service when i call washington gas.

i would think that a supervisor will help me resolve my story but this particular one refused to help me and hang up on me.

is it right?

i do not think so.i really hope that she put herself in other people shoes and tell us if she will like to be hang up on when you call the gas company to try to get an issue cleared out.

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