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I want to start this off by saying I was amazingly patient. When I was told that the service to my new townhouse would not be able to be turned on until 4 days after the closing date even though I initially called to schedule it 2 weeks prior, then when I called back to confirm because I was double checking everything was in order, then was told there was no record of anything so they would have to "fit me in" for a Monday, with an open appointment.

I asked what an open appointment was, and I was told it meant you would fit me in for sometime between 7 AM and 5 PM...10 hours...TEN HOURS is the window of time they gave me. No phone calls telling me any rough estimate of time, each time I called, 6 TIMES, to find out what was going on and to get some idea of if I could go into work, or even run to the freaking store because I don't have anything in the new house yet, each time I was told, oh they have been dispatched and should be on their way.

When 5 pm rolled around I called back for the 5th time and of course, you guessed it, I was told they had been dispatched and they were on their way, but that this time they said they should be here by 9 pm....NINE that would be 14 that point if they got there at 9pm it would have been 14 HOURS I WAITED AND WAITED AND SAT IN THE HOUSE BECAUSE WASHINGTON GAS CANT MAKE A FREAKING PHONE CALL OR GIVE ME A SINGLE OUNCE OF RESPECT TO LET ME KNOW WHEN THEY WOULD BE HERE.

Oh its not over yet....

When 7:45 rolled around I again called back to ask for any information, and rough idea of a time, ANYTHING that would have been useful. You guessed it again, "the technician has been dispatched and should be there soon". I asked if there was any way of finding out how many people were ahead of me or if there was any ETA. I was then told, here is my FAVORITE PART OF ALL OF THIS...."the technician is running a little late"...REALLY I HAD NO CLUE THE TECHNICIAN WAS LATE...THE 14 HOURS...OH WAIT, I CANT EVEN TELL YOU HOW MANY HOUSE BECAUSE ITS ALREADY BEEN 16 HOURS, AND THEY CANT SHOW UP UNTIL SOMETIME TOMORROW (I ASSUME, their office is of course closed now)....AND NO TECHNICIAN, NO PHONE CALL, NO RESPECT OF ANY KIND THROUGHOUT THIS ENTIRE PROCESS.


This is by far the most ridiculous series of events I have ever had the misfortune to be a part of. If you have any option other than Washington Gas, PLEASE don't use them...they are disrepectful, unreliable and outright ridiculous. Let's bet they would be far more punctual turning your gas off if you didn't pay and said, "oh the bill should be in the mail and should get there between 7 am 5 pm" Good luck with that.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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