Washington Gas is holding an $1100 deposit on a commercial space that had no bills in any month over $180. How does this make sense???

They expained that previous tenants had bills that were high....

what does this have to do with my company? This is criminal. It has been over 1 year since we paid the deposit, and they will not return it. What are the alternatives to using washington Gas?

Or is this a monopoly in northern va?

Anyone have any thoughts? It really bothers me that if they get 100 or 1000 businesses or more to give them a deposit, how much money they can make on the deposits alone.

Monetary Loss: $1100.

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They sent my first bill and mines was 1000 for a deposit of 740 and usage. Can u say pissed I called them up and asked them who the *** they thought was going to pay them that amount.

Looked at my bill further I noticed it said commercial. I asked why. come to find out the person that set up my account set it for my whole fricking complex!! So now I am waiting for a fixed bill.

It is very ridiculous the prices getting charged they don't care cause they will tell you to just go to the state for energy assistance.

Maybe the states should evaluate the bill before paying if the feel a person in an. Energy saver apartment bill is more than a person with a 3 bdrm house.(Pepco)


I just received my 1st bill yesterday and they are trying to charge me $355!!

I called and complained. They said that the deposit is based on the property usage.

I've only lived there a month.

How am I responsible for someone elses usage?! RIDICULOUS!! Someone from their supervisor's dept. is supposed to call me back today.

I refuse to pay it!

What are the alternatives though? NONE!


if you think that's ridiculous, try almost $800 for a single resident! complete ludicrous, did you ever get any information on the deposit limits?

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