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$950 deposit here on an average monthly bill of $100 (no late payments). This equates to a free loan.

Accumulated "deposits" from all the customers they are able to affect with even remote plausibility must relate to untold millions. Aren't there any lawyers out there interested in a class action suit? An alternative might be to begin some consumer group to buy small amounts of stock and raise *** at stockholder meetings. There are many ways to affect those of detached indifference.

It's just a matter of the right person locating their sack and then having the horsepower to kick hard enough to worry their urologist. (Personally, I'd call that cleansing the gene pool but these morons aren't going to get it until irate customers are at their homes with torches and pitchforks.) You'd think that the under-grumblings of an increasingly disenfranchised population in the wake of "Bailouts" would have woken these guys up. But not!!! Check out the corporate bios of the WGL Holdings principals: http://www.wglholdings.com/directors.cfm; Lawyers, US Representatives, Bank Officers, etc.

Want to get these wankers where it hurts? Call your aunts, uncles, grandparents, brothers, sisters, or anyone who may be involved in the financial industry at a high level (hedge funds, etc), and let them know that WGL Holdings is mining their customers for free loans and is going to have their rear ends sued off. Then find someone in congress or a lobbyist or competitors who have symbiotic agendas and let them know of the opportunity. Remember guys, in this country, it's only a matter of how much time and effort will be needed to identify the right opposing force.

Then light the fuse.

Believe me, these people have it coming to them in a huge freakin way and I personally will shed no tears when they declare personal bankruptcy and/or end up in club fed with their new best friend: Bubba. I'll send them some Vaseline.

Monetary Loss: $1000.

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Alexandria, Virginia, United States #971917

Similar issue with WashGas Billing Failures... So confusing and fraudulent.

If my statement says Current Amount due: 80.00, why the *** are you not applying my EXACT payment of $80.00 to the bill. Ridiculous!! Somehow... a year ago, I must have missed a payment (this happens to everyone surly) and this missed payment, supposedly accumulates, penalties etc...

then, they apply a current payment to a previous one WITHOUT your knowledge! I don't get it!! If I was past due $20 back in Feb 2014, why not STATE this CLEARLY on the bill at that time and roll the past due amount into the current due amount!! SIMPLE!!

Every service does this!! They don't run some separate billing system and give you a separate amounts on your statement!! This is terrible business... and has the appearance of corrupt practices...

Now, who do I go to, to straighten this MESS out??

Certainly Not their Customer Service!! Desperately looking for another reputable utility company!


same deal with me. $20 gas bills and they're asking for $340 deposit for being late 2x!!!!!

Also, I have been making payments but they are not being accepted in time, causing the late payments.

i mark the dates i pay and amounts in my agenda book yet they did not take money from my account as scheduled! the cust service chic said they would NOT disconnect due to the deposit fee being unpaid.

but this month, there it is nice and bold the disconnect notice. i hate them.


I paid a deposit of $455.00 in December 2007 for gas service. When I closed my account in October, I was told that the deposit would be applied to my final bill and the balance, plus interest returned to me.

Since that time, Washington Gas turned me in to a collection agency for non payment of my final bill. I have filed a complaint with the utilities commission in Virginia, but I still do not have my deposit.

And, in addition, I have paid the final bill, including interest and late charges on that bill, to prevent further action by the collection agency! My next letter is to the Governor of Virginia and I am planning to pursue this matter in Civil Court.

Pekin, Indiana, United States #198240

I called them twice to see if the required deposit was really required, and they told me no, twice. And the paper will was lower by the amount of the deposit than the electronic bill which had the bogus deposit amount.

Now they have sent me a discontinuance notice threatening fees after they told me it was a glitch in the system. How irresponsible.


DBASS@WASHGAS.COM; jdegraffenreidt@washgas.com; LFoley@washgas.com; LGutermuth@washgas.com

My gas was cut off - bal. was 197.

-- We were forced to pay 609. or they wouldn't restore. Still don't have money back.

They are criminals and have even transferred other people's bill to me (I'm on street; they are on place, but same name). Lied to PSC that they got refund and they never spoke to them and they found out from me.

El Tarf, El Tarf, Algeria #108351



They refuse to return my interest to me because they posted a payment I made to them late. Who should I dontact about that?

They have held $900 of my cash and now refuse to give me my interest. Loan Sharking is what this is.....


Actually, if you can afford to spare the cash it isn't a bad investment. They are required to pay you 4% interest on the deposit and to return it after 1 year of ontime payments.

If you live in Virginia, the deposit is based on the highest two bills in the winter, that's why it is so much more. In DC and MD, the deposit calculations are lower, so make sure they are doing things right for your state. If you don't have the spare cash right now, they are required to offer you payment installments.

Contact the VA SCC (state corporation commission) if they do not. Also, if you had an account with WG before and paid that bill on time, they will waive the deposit.

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