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Our gas was off.We religiously saved money to pay it and the ever increasing deposit to get the service turned back on.

Tech shows up at 10. we have a dog he barks at everyone outside of the gate. My five year old opened the gate as I walk forward to the gate standing between the guy and the dog. This dog is one foot high and all of 40 pounds and friendly as all get out...

to people INSIDE the gate. The tech takes out his wrench and hauls it back as if he's going to hit my dog while my five year old is standing there. Turns around and hops in his truck while I'm standing there begging him to come back and trying to put my dog back in the house. This was a GIANT white guy who could have easily stomped the dog in half.

I have visitors and mail delivery people here all the time no issues.

I subsequently get on the phone with Wash. Gas and their customer service WAS NOT only rude. They were unaccomadating.

They told me a tech would not be out till monday i keep calling back and calling back and then they start telling me that someone will be out by 4 2:30 rolls around no one is here I call the corporate office... she tells me the guy would be here after 3. 4:00 rolls around i get on the phone. Am placed on hold for 30 minutes waiting for a super visor still nothing.

It is now 7:35 they are telling me that someone will be here by 9. Still nothing. They came here and shut the gas with the dog out in the yard. The *** they sent here didn't even attempt to let me corral the dog if he was that freaking scared of him.

They were more than happy to take my money... It is friday night. If its not turned on tonight it won't be on till monday and i promised my kid a bubble bath yesterday. Threatening your customers with weapons is NOT acceptable.

I am out a day of work due to this nonsense.

Monetary Loss: $821.

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Fairfax, Virginia, United States #939897

You dog folks need to learn how rude it is to let your dog roam free while service people are there.It doesn't matter if you think your dog is friendly.

It takes one scare for any dog to ***.

Not everyone likes dogs, and there is nothing wrong with them.You are the one with a problem.


You must be mistaken...your utility company is responsible for service NOT Washington Gas and Energy ServIces.WGES is your supplier and is basically just shopping the energy market on your behalf and passing the savings along to you.

I am with Viridian Energy for my electric and gas and have never had a Problem.My email is if you would like more info.


Unfortunately, workers in this type of job are bitten by dogs all the time, so that's probably why he left.Still, they have to turn your gas back on within 24 hours of payment.

They cannot make you wait until Monday. It is the law in DC, MD and VA.

Call back their emergency number and they will send someone on Saturday.Keep the dog in an upstairs bedroom so that if the technician has to come into the house to relight a pilot light he or she will not be afraid of the dog.

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