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Washington Gas erroneously disconnected my service. I come home yesterday evening to a freezing house, no hot water, and my gas stove isn't working.

My bill had been paid, so there was absolutely no reason for the service to be disconnected. I called Washington Gas customer service to inquire. They acknowledge that payment was in fact received and stated that there was apparently a "glitch" in their system which triggered the disconnection. I spoke to a supervisor who assured me that a service technician would be dispatched the same evening to restore the service.

It was 40 degrees outside yesterday evening and my home is almost completely run on gas.I wake up this morning to discover that the service has not been restored. My home is absolutely freezing!!! We have no hot water and I can't even prepare breakfast for my child because there is no gas for my gas stove!! I called Washington Gas again to inquire about the situation, just to be informed that contrary to what I was assured of last night, no technician was dispatched.

They tell me that they're sending someone out today, between 7am and 5pm!!!! So, due to no fault of my own, a mistake completely on their part and acknowledged by Washington Gas as their mistake, I'm supposed to sit in a freezing home with an infant child with NO heat, NO hot water, and NO gas to cook!!! Again, this is in the middle of winter! The DC area had a weather advisory yesterday and it is again only 40 degrees here today, and the best they can do is possibly by 5pm!!

This is wholly unacceptable and an absolute disgrace on the part of Washington Gas. I will most assuredly take my complaint and concern to a higher level of authority within this organization and elsewhere if necessary.

How can it be that your service gets cut off when you've done your part and paid your account in full and on time!! This is outrageous!!

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Washington, District Of Columbia, United States #601569

Call the public service commission (if you live in DC or MD) or the state corporation commission if you live in Virginia. They are the government agencies that regulate Washington Gas. They can order the company to send someone out tonight (in fact, if you call the emergency number and tell them you are complaining to the PSC you may get it on tonight anyway).

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